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Thousands of Stress Balls and Relievers to Choose From!  Or, ask us about a custom shape or design.

Stress Balls are made of soft malleable foam that can be squeezed by the muscles of the hand and fingers.  They are great for the relief of tension.  Giving them a squeeze can help with the relief of anxiety or to help relieve pain.  The next time one of your recipients is feeling stressed, they can take out their aggression on their Stress Reliever.  They can also provide exercise by repeatedly squeezing for some physical therapy.  Custom Stress Relievers make a great cheap and inexpensive promotional gift.  Plus, they are a lot of fun to give away.  Your unique personalization imprinted on each sphere or shaped item will remind people of you.   Select Stress Balls that have obvious ties to your business or which you find just plain fun!  Unique and fun Stress Relievers make great trade show, convention or industry meeting giveaways.  Let us help you find some great designs that tie into your business or ask us about a custom design.

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ShapedPens has a great selection of Stress Relievers or Stress balls.  Personalized Stress Ball makes a great giveaways or gift.   Stress is in everyone’s life today.  Stress is found both in the home and in the workplace.  Utilizing a stress reliever as a marketing tool gives you access to both the home or workplace environment.  Not only are they fun, but they serve a great purpose in helping people relax and release stress.  Some people even carry a stress ball in their pocket.   They can be used while on the telephone.  Many people find them fun to use while just passing time.

Stress relievers come in a wide variety of themes, shapes, styles, sizes and colors.  There are stress relievers related to practically every field or industry.    Finding one that fits your business or message can really help relate to your business or message. There are stress balls shaped with sporting themes, like a football or soccer ball. Medical related shaped like doctors or nurses.  There are literally hundreds to choose from.   Some prefer just a round shape or Stress Ball.  The round Balls come in a variety of colors and finishes including High Gloss.

Stress balls are low in cost and make a budget friendly way of marketing or advertising your business.  With their low cost, it makes it possible to use the stress relievers as a give away or gift.  Not only are they fun, but they are useful.  Every time someone picks up a stress ball to play with or relieve stress with, they your information in their hand.  Because they are so fun and useful, people tend to hang on to them and that means your message or information is always within reach.

These promotional items can be personalized with your business information or message.  The amount of information varies with the shape of the stress reliever.  Some have a larger imprint area and allow for more information to be imprinted.  Information that can be imprinted includes your logo and or business name.  Your business slogan.  Today one of the most common pieces of information in the URL or web address of the business.  A phone number or an 800 number and for some business a fax number might be appropriate.  Some include a street address on the stress reliever.  Another useful piece of information might be an e-mail address.

Browse through our assortment of stress relievers or search for a specific theme or style.  We have fast production times.  Need them really fast?  Ask about our Rush production options and Rush shipping options available. And, you’ll appreciate our friendly service.

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